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Hi this is JASON PARRISH class of '96 anyone who knows me please e-mail I am home sick and really miss all of my old friends. Have a great year!!
jason parrish <rlxd96@aol.com>
joliet, il USA -

Jim Osborne <jimosborne@webtv.net>

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our friends and family back in Petersburg. Our 2 year stay out on this little Island is finally over. We are heading back to the good Ole United States of America on the 14th of Jan. Our new home will be in Shreveport, Louisiana. I will be stationed at Barksdale AFB and working on the B-52 Bombers. It has been raining here for about 4 weeks. And the winds are really bad this year. But for the most part we have really enjoyed our stay here on the Island of Terciera, and have made lots of friends with the local Portuguese people. We will surely miss them. But it is time to move on. We hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and a most prosperous New Year. Jeff and Bernie and Collie Girl the Killer Kat......... :-)
Jeff and Bernie McCoy <bernie_and_jeff@hotmail.com
Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal -

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2000 to all my old friends in Petersburg. It's nice to see a lot of names that I know. How about the Class of 1952 signing on once and awhile so we can update our files and check up on you. The best to everyone in 2001!!!
Phil Watkins <p_watk@bellsouth.net>
Wilmington, NC USA -

I recently visited Petersburg & drove through Oakland Cemetery...according to Petersburg Online, Mitch Miller is also buried there, but I was unable to locate his grave. According to biography.com, the "real" Mitch Miller (Sing Along With Mitch)is alive, so I'm wondering who this Mitch Miller could be? Anyone have the answer? Thanks! Connie
Connie Nisinger <HRHConnie@aol.com>
Godfrey, IL USA -

If anybody cares Ill be in town on the 24th of Dec to the 29th of Dec. Phone # 808-781-2179. I will be soon moving to Graham Washington and My Bro Has Moved to Kentucky. So have a merry Christmas ( Not X-mas) and a Happy New Year
George W Kelly <gwkelly@mailcity.com>
Wahiawa, hi USA -

Hello Petersburg. If anyone knows how to get in touch with Chad Huggins, Laura Bateman, or Joey Turek, please let me know. See ya around!
Amy Monroe-Skaggs <aeskaggs@msn.com>
Oakford, IL USA -


I live in Menard County and this is my favorite web site. It has a tremendous amount of information available for both local and world wide visitors. Reading the entries in the Guest Book is always interesting. We are very lucky to have such an extensive web site that caters to everyone. A year ago, I didn't have a computer and knew very little about them, so I just decided to make the leap. With the advise and help of Dave, I selected a Dell Computer. I have been learning ever since. It is wonderful, but many times I stay up way to late. Anyway - thanks to Dave for the great web site, the help learning the in and outs, and my new found joy of the internet.
Pat J. Swan <pjswan@fgi.net>
Petersburg, IL USA -

I think you site is very nice, and it was very helpful to me. My mother lives in Greenview and I was wondering what to do while I was down there. Thank You
Melissa Scholtes <jasminedanielle@yahoo.com>
Coal City, IL USA -

Hi to all the Rebbe relatives in Petersburg! We haven't been back there for a few years and we heard about your city changes on the guestbook. We have moved to a different town and our email is slightly different. Would love to exchange email with anyone there.
Genevieve Rebbe <RRRebbego@aol.com>
Camano Island, WA USA -

very nice web site--we are a large family carnival from indiana, enjoy looking at other state's fairs/festivals, we travel thru-out the midwest, your town looks very similiar to our county seat, very people oriented,
jan burton <burtonbros@spitfire.net>
shirley, in USA -

Aloha from Hawaii Im from the class of 1991 when is the next reunion going to be and where. For you all out there that needs a job the Army is hiring so be all that you can be. if not the USMC is looking for a few good men and the nave you can see the world and the SEABEE's you can realy become an expert in the construction trade, but you got to see a Navy recuter, also the Air Force is hiring, not just pilots eather. Donate a few years of you life for your country and join the military. you will get like long experence and a better self esteem
George W Kelly <gwkelly@mailcity.com>
wahiawa, hi USA -

Hi y'all, I just wanted to tell everyone that they did a great job on this site, its very good. I love it here and Hi to all of my petersburg friends, class of 2004!:):)
Katie Brown <Kates520@aol.com
Petersburg, IL USA -

This website is extremely impressive! If anyone browsing this site graduated in the PORTA High School Class of 1994, please send me an email as I am keeping a running list to assist in the plans for our subsequent reunions. Thank you!
Angela M. (Grosboll) Schilsky <agrosboll@siumed.edu>
Springfield, IL USA -

Hi everyone!!! I was so glad when i saw that Petersburg has it's own site! i go to PORTA and i love it here!! It's so great and all the people are so nice. i grew up in this town and i will never forget it as long as i live!! Thanks!
Alli Menninger <Allioop05@aol.com>
Petersburg, IL USA -

Jennifer Coffey
Petersburg, IL USA -

Great site! Check out my website at:www.mymk.com/tmartin8
Tammy Martin <takem5@abelink.com>
Mason City, IL USA -

looking for info. Self family ,children elizabeth ,john and others around 1888 please help if u can
wade hampton <okliff1@aol.com>
dallas , tx USA -

Anyone from the class of '83' that reads this, please send me your current address so I can contact you about our 20 YEAR Reunion in 2003 ! We are getting old FAST !
Gordon Wells <wells3@fgi.net>
Tallula, Il USA -

Just stumbled onto this site, I love it!! What a great job you have done with the site!! Fun to read about the community and people from the area!
Sharon (Lounsberry) Barnhill <barnhills@msn.com>
Chatham, IL USA -

Just surfin. Found this site while trying to locate an old navy diver buddy from Petersburg, Jim Haddick. If anyone out there knows him, kindly pass my email address along, thanks! (Great Site)
Jim Dawson <jimd@phoenixdsl.com>
Port Orchard, WA USA -

Hi all! Jumped on the site to see if anything had changed about the Class of '70 reunion. Very nice site....well done!
Bill Wesselman <wes525@home.com>
O'Fallon, IL USA -

I would like to know more about John H. Neely-born in Peters burg Il.Menard Co.late 1800's. He was married to my great grand mother Julia Hand.I would greatly appreciate any information E-Mail to rtw100@apci.net
Virginia Wagner <rtw100@apci.net>
New Athens, Il. USA -

I like to know more about Pratt, Potter and Merrill Families in Menard county, Petersburg, Illinois (1850?? and on). If someone know about them and try to reach me. Thanks Larry
Fremont, CA USA -

Hello: Would anyone know any people by the last name of "Stickley" that live in Petersburg,Il. It would greatly be appreciated if you would E-Mail me at rtw100@apci.net Thanks!
Virginia Wagner <rtw100@apci.net>
New Athens, Il. USA -

Hey how is it going, great site! When I am not traveling with Joico (the healthy hair company) I can be reached for appointments @Serenity Salon And Day Spa 4701 West Wabash 698-9512
John W Kelly II < LrGzephyr@aol.com>
Springfield , Il. USA -

My great grandmother is Mildred Lee. My grandmother is Rosemary Satorious
Erin Mankowski <Jesserinm@aol.com>
Lewisville, TX USA -

Hi, folks! Just jumped on the website to check out info on the Class of '70 reunion. First visit...great site. Hope I can make it back to Petersburg in the fall.
John Vogt <jtvla@earthlink.net>
Los Angeles, CA USA -

I was born and raised in Menard County and still have family living in the area - the VanEmans and Heyens. I went to Athens High School and visited often. My children live in Ohio and Va. and my grandchildren live all over - NY, VA, Mo. However, since my brother died this year, my trips will be less frequent - my sister lives in Elgin so that will be my stop-off as long as they can get to the airport. I will miss getting back to Petersburg - it is still HOME.
BAKUR, MARY VAN EMAN <mvb@cstone.net>
Charlottesville, Va. USA -

Born and raised in Menard Co. - went to Athens High School, have lots of family (VanEmans and Heyens) still there, and try to get back at least once a year - but since my brother died this year, I probably will not get back as often. My sister lives in Elgin and my children live in Va. and Ohio and my grandchildren are scattered all over.

Who ever knows me I will be in town from Sep 16 to Sep 22nd my cell # is 808-781-2179
George W Kelly <gwkelly@mailcity.com>
Wahiawa, hi USA -

I am related to Heyen's, Boehm's, Boekers, Adens, Moyers If anyone knows how to get in touch with anyone with that name in Illinois please contact me.
Stacie Heyen <GaBreezy@theglobe.com>
St. Charles, MO USA -

We wanted to say Hi! to Grandpa Kenny Pritchett! If anyone sees this, please let him know since he doesn't have a computer. Thanks! We enjoyed seeing the website about Petersburg!
Jenny and Tyler Pritchett <Kaylori@aol.com>
Ann Arbor, MI USA -

Aloha from Hawaii !!
George W Kelly <gwkelly@mailcity.com>
Wahiawa, HI USA -


Good Job!
Walt Elliott <flew4754@aol.com>
Springfield, IL USA -

This site is superb. As a native of Springfield and a frequent visitor to the Petersburg/New Salem I appreciate its authenticity. I will send this address to many out-of-state relatives and friend.
Marilyn Elliott <megosouth@aol.com>
Springfield, IL USA -

I have visited this site many times and it is just great. My husband and I visit New Salem every couple of years and it is always a pleasant experience. Petersburg has the best community site I have ever seen. What a great town.
Connie Kingston <ck9876@aol.com>
Benton , IL USA -

Hello Class of '68. Enjoyed our reunion. I recently visited New Salem, where my dad works 6 months of the year. As an adult, the park and it's history is very enjoyable...so many things going on there. I love Petersburg, and appreciate it more as I get older.
Diana (Dirks) Spanninger <spanninger@juno.com>
Washington, IL USA -

Hello Class of '68. Enjoyed our reunion. I recently visited New Salem, where my dad works 6 months of the year. As an adult, the park and it's history is very enjoyable...so many things going on there. I love Petersburg, and appreciate it more as I get older.
Diana (Dirks) Spanninger <spanninger@juno.com>
Washington, IL USA -

GREAT SITE!!!! I found some high school friends email addresses from them leaving comments. I graduated in 1969, if anyone who graduated in 69 visits the site, email me and say HI. Ken Ortman
Ken Ortman <kcfs@aol.com>
Petersburg, IL USA -

We are planning to visit New Salem in a few weeks. My husband has been there a few times when he went on field trips at school but I am formerly from the state of PA and have never had a chance to visit and thought it may be a fun weekend.
Sheila Nafziger <markn@trianglenet.net>
Hopedale, IL USA -

I had not visited the Petersburg page for some time. Dave, we thank you--it is still GREAT! Georgia Lu and Phil, how happy to see you signed. You bring back a lot of memories--Georgia Lu (cheerleading) and Phil (church group). Hope to hear more from you via e-mail.
Carlajean Rebbe <Chrebbe@aol.com>
Petersburg, IL USA -

Hi everybody, I used to be an exchangestudent at PORTA, I had a wounderful year in Petersburg 95/96. Hope to hear from anybody who still can remember who I am, May be Laura Suppan or Nathan Brown. Anyone who meets Natchure Stockton tell her that I love her! Hope to here from some of you! Lots of love from Germany, Claudia
Claudia Baxmann <050444933-0001@t-online.de>
Eldagsen, Germany -

Have a dear friend who lives in Petersburg---what a charming community you have! Wouldn't mind living there someday to be close to my friend!
Kathy Fornow <Kathy4now@yahoo.com>
St. Louis, MO USA -

Have roots in Sweetwater, nearby. Adams Family. Visited there in 1920 and 1985. Beautiful country.
Larry Adams <octage@aol.com>
San Diego, CA USA -

This is great! I grew up there and moved away in the early 80's. I've been back for breif visits with family and occasionally run into old friends. It would be great to hear from some of you. It's nice to be able to look this up. Living in the Woodlands and working in Houston I sometimes miss the small town, everyone knowing everyone stuff. The site is great. Keep up the great work! Vicki
Vicki Goodnight (Hackman) <gnite@worldnet.att.net>
Woodlands, TX USA -

I was born and raised in Spfld, IL. 90% of my ancestors are from Menard Co. All you people are doing a GREAT job there. Thanks Wayne
Wayne I Caswell <cazzy001@aol.com, also, waycas@webtv.net>
Murfreesboro, Tn USA -

You forgot about Rock Creek!
J.R. Brown <jrbrown@novell.com>
Spanish Fork , UT USA -

Mr Huff that engine look perty nice.
George W Kelly <gwkelly@mailcity.com>
Wahiawa, HI USA -

Hey Petersburg! Im just checking to see if there is anyone out there that might know anything about a 10 year reunion for the class of 1990? Thanks! Tamie
Tamie Bottoms <Tamie71@yahoo.com>
Springfield, IL USA -

We have visited Petersburg many time and love the area. We started coming about ten years ago just by accident while visiting New Salem. We have always thought we would enjoy living in or around Petersburg. The real estate button is helpful. Maybe some day we will have to courage to make the move.
Wayne Billing <waybill267@aol.com>
Benton, Il USA -

I enjoyed the music and all the information, but was unable to bring up individual pictures. I will try another web page.
Delores Dusek <ddusek1@earthlink.net>
Valparaiso, in USA -

I grew up in Petersburg and left in "71" after graduation from PORTA. I still have family in the area and return about once a year. My mother Esther, brother Carl, sister Ruth and I all live here in Tallahassee.
Roger Beck <beck@martech.fsu.edu>
Tallahassee, fl USA -

It's so cool to see a website that has my family history in it. My family grew up in Atterberry, Illinois.
Caroline Atterberry <pjatterberry@aol.com>
Grafton, WI USA -

The sight gets better everery year. Keep up the great work!. While not native Petersburgians, we have really come to love this small town-where everyone knows everyone (and everyones' business-is that good or bad?!)...We recently purchased a home here-so I guess this is it-we'll be here for at least the next 30 years! If anyone knows the history of the formerly triplexed home (now duplex-and soon to be possibly returned to single family) on 120 West Jefferson, give us a shout. We'd appreciate knowing all that we can know about our new home. We did find a beam in the basement that had "Sam Potter October 1955" written on it in pencil. God bless you all! ~The Frick Family
Kym & Chris Frick-and "Zoo" <frickzoo@hotmail.com>
Petersburg, IL USA -

Hello Everyone!!!! I agree that this is a very wonderful website. It has many useful items that I have been able to use. It has been a long time since I left the big town of Petersburg to join the Air Force and see the world, but six years and four stripes later its nice to know all I have to do is point and click to bring it all back fresh in my mind.
Stanley Short Jr. <Stans@hotmail.com>
Travis, AFB, CA USA -

Hello everyone. It's nice to hear about home. Very good site. I am glad I found it!!!!
Rob Buckley <fightnillinifn@aol.com>
Virginia Beach, Va USA -

This is a great website. Would like to hear from anyone from the last of Harris High Class of '61'.
Donald E. Phelps <drsx2@midwest.net>
Centralia, IL USA -

Hi to all of Harris High School 1950 1954, and Family in Petersburg area.
Donald Williams <donw@freewwweb.com>
Mansfield, Tx USA -

These home town web sites are great and yours is really interesting. I plan to visit the salem park this spring. Could you send me a map on a good rt to take to get there from here, Mattoon, Il. thanks
gary j willenborg <halebop47@one-eleven.net>
mattoon, il coles USA -

I am orginally a native of Lewistown, Illinois and there is no place on earth that can replace the feeling of security and peace of living in a small town. Petersburg, Illinois is a wonderful town and Menard County is a GREAT PLACE to live. My family has had the oppurtunity to represent Menard County this past year, as my daughter Karissa Stuckey represented this great county as the 1999 Little Miss Menard County, how proud I have been ! We hope to see you all at the Year 2000 Menard County Fair! Blessings---Shelly Schlebach & Family
Shelly Schlebach <lake743@email.msn.com>
Petersburg, Il USA -

Just popped in to check out your web page...It is super!! I didn't quite find what I was looking for, but that doesn't mean it's not there! Keep up the good work!!
Lorrie Schafer <ExecLori@aol.com>
Petersburg, Il USA -

Graduated class 1956, would like to hear from classmates or former friends. Love the website, makes one feel like they are still living in or near P'burg. I try to get to P'byrg at least once a year. Am hoping to make it again this year, maybe in the summer. This is all new to me, e-mail and computering. Hope to hear from some of you. Hope all have a great and happy 2000.
Mary Jane (Thomson) Jackson <mjame@socket.net>
Centralia, MO USA -

Any one from the class of 91 out there. If there is send me an e-mail
george w kelly <gwkelly@mailcity.com>
wahiawa, hi USA -

You have a very good web site. Since I have cousins living there, and my great, great granddad on up line to my own dad lived in Pleasant Plains, and I have visited the old Richland Baptist Church on several occasions, my interest in Petersburg has been sharpened by your site. Thanks
Rev. Robert W. Campbell <Preacher123@juno.com
Rossville, TN USA -

Thanks Joann for telling me about this site. I hope to meet some old friends here. Happy New Year Oakford and Petersburg!
marilee phelps hayashi <marilee@onebox.com>
Boise, ID USA -

As I told my brother, Phil, (via e-mail) who would have ever thought Petersburg would have web site. It's really great! I love to visit Petersburg and go there several times a year to see friends.
Georgia (Lu Watkins) Pottorf <RPott29683@aol.com>
Edwards, Il USA -

Anyone from the class of 89 around? Shoot me an email.
J.R. Brown <jrbrown@novell.com>
Provo, UT USA -

Family search has brought me to Petersburg. My Great Grandparents Benjamin and Ann Gibbs raised all 7 children there in the mid 1800's. I will be visiting Petersburg in September. Thank you for a very interesting web site.
Diane Gibbs Knight <BsyGrams@Aol.com>
So.San Francisco, Ca USA -

Hello to all my old friends. And if you haven't checked lately, we are getting old!!!!
Phil Watkins <p_watk@bellsouth.net>
Wilmington, NC USA -

Hey, GREAT SITE!!!!!!! Menard county is God's country.
laury blake <blake1195@aol.com>
tallula, il USA -

GREAT SITE!! But didn't find what I was looking for. Maybe someone out there can help. Looking for info. on the Circus that wintered in Petersburg years ago. Also copies of pictures of the circus & people involved with it. Also doing family hx. on the Osborne/Harrison/Sutton families in the area. THANKS
Terry Banning <ironman@famvid.com>
Spfld. , Il. USA -

Just wanted to say "HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY" to David Pieratt. He works at Vickers in town. Please have him contact me. Thank!!
Tammy Pieratt <pieratt@kansascity.com>
Independence, MO USA -

Aloha from Hawaii. I need to know when the reunion od the class of 91 will be. Please E-mail me
Wahaiwa, HI USA -

I'm doing a report on Petersburg, I would love to hear some more about the population, schools, and recreation! If you have some info please send me an email asap! thanx a lot! JESS!
Student@SullivanHighSchool <jessfrog_29@hotmail.com>
Sullivan, Il USA -

Just wanted to say "Hi!" It's been about 1 yr since my last visit. I hope to return and visit one day soon. If anyone knows David Pieratt, please tell him to contact me. It's very important. Thanks and Happy New Year!
Tammy Pieratt <pieratt@kansascity.com>
Independence, MO USA -

Happy to find your site. Seeking information about ancestors named Reverend William Elder and his wife, Mary Stinson. He lived and was buried somewhere near your area. They came to Illinois from NC around 1838, many descendants moved to Iowa then Wisconsin. Love to hear from other descendants.
Rebecca Bangsund <rlaneb1@aol.com>

Hey Petersburg, it's been 8 months since we moved and i never realized how much I loved Petersburg. I just found this site and am glad I can have another way to keep in touch. HAPPY 2000 !
Doug Barnett <dbfire@netzero.net>
Bloomington, Il USA -

The page has come a long way from the beginning. Great job Dave. This has to be one of the best community pages around.
Ben Hollis <benji45@aol.com>
Petersburg, IL USA -

Dave great job on the Petersburg home page. Happy New Year to everyone. A new century 2000, exciting.
Jo Ann Lutes <JLutes@fgi.net>
Petersburg, IL USA -

Theme of this Web Site is "Bringing A Community Closer Together". This is our GOAL and our Hope. Please sign our guestbook and leave your comments for 2000.

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